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Industry Solutions

At Able Linguists we have a track record in providing successful industry specific solutions.

Our own carefully selected linguists enable us to deliver our service in many specialist fields:


Our academic linguists are active members of the academic community and have extensive experience in research and writing conventions. As a supplier to the Open University, Able Linguists have supported numerous research projects with monolingual and bilingual transcription services. It would not be uncommon for such projects to require the transcription of up to 500 interviews which if not undertaken in English, are translated as required.

The innovative and bespoke courses pioneered by Cranfield University are delivered throughout the world. The translation of course materials, lecture notes and support materials calls for translators with both academic and subject knowledge.


Our experienced linguists supply interpreting, transcription and translation services to physicians and their patients. For NHS Trusts we attend operations and procedures, consultations and outpatients appointments. Our medical translation service is also used for doctor's notes, appointment letters, information leaflets and clinical research documents.

Able Linguists also supply certified translations of official certificates and documents for those wishing to work in the health care/medical sector.


Launching new, high end cosmetic products into an overseas market requires both language and specialist skills to avoid the many potential pitfalls. Not only must the product be accurately presented it must also be legally compliant. Our service to the pharmaceutical/cosmeceutical industry doesn't just translate promotional and user materials, it also researches product/ingredient regulations of the target country and advices accordingly.

Product Labelling

Product labelling, user information, nutritional guidelines... Able Linguists have experience in world foods meaning it is fully versed in the requirements that accompany the industry. Able Linguists will ensure that labelling is accurate, legal and meets all the needs of the regulators, the client and the customer.

Financial Translations

Our translators not only know how to translate financial terminology but also understand the difference between an accrual and a prepayment, an endowment policy and a life insurance policy linked to a mortgage. It’s what is written both on and between the lines that matters!

New Overseas Markets

Are you planning to launch a service or product into an unfamiliar market? Then we hope you will tap into our affordable marketing, technical and cultural knowledge bank.

From product name to on-line marketing, our localisation service can help you develop suitable terminology, marketing key words and understand cultural differences in your target country. You may want to take advantage of our Bespoke Service.

Legal & Personnel

Court hearings, disciplinary proceedings, legal and employment tribunals, our team can be trusted to work confidentially, accurately and with integrity on all legal documents and in all situations. Clients include: solicitors, government agencies and the courts.

Technical Translations

We believe technical translations can only be accurate when the linguist knows their nuts from their bolts. They can also advise on which key words, or software strings need to be localised and therefore what goes on your website, product and packaging. If you are entering a new market, our Bespoke Services can help you.

Business & Commercial

Expanding into new markets, sourcing, procurement and doing international business is likely to require the back up of a company such as Able Linguists. In this situation we like to become an extension of your team stepping in to help whenever you need to communicate and understand the language, conventions and culture in a new or different market place. 

Bilingual Training

Thanks to our bespoke capabilities and extensive contacts database our bilingual trainers are currently delivering training within the UK’s automotive and retail industries. Training in more than one language requires a skillset which Able Linguists can supply. We would be pleased to discuss your individual needs.

Able Linguists Ltd
01908 635352