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What we do

Translation, Transcription, Interpreting

Able Linguists can fluently interpret, translate and transcribe in more than 125 languages.
All our linguists use their professional knowledge together with their language and cultural skills to help create understanding and communication across many detailed and technical applications:

Translation Services

Legal Translation
Certified Translation
Medical Translations
Pharmacutical/cosmecuetical translations
Academic translations
Product labelling
Operation, installation and user manual translations
Technical manuals translation
Catalogue translation
B2B translations – e.g. tenders and contracts
Field reports translation
Marketing translation

Interpreting Services

Face-to-face interpreting
Ad-hoc interpreting
Conference interpreting
Consecutive interpreting
Telephone interpreting
Simultaneous interpreting
British Sign Language

Transcription Services

Verbal and audio transcription
Monolingual and bilingual transcription

Able Linguists Ltd
01908 635352